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Poem #1

The door 
The broken rib 
The miscarried baby
The fire, so big 
These are the memories of the sorrows
That turned days into nights
And ended with orphaned kids
This is not about power
This is not about politics
This is about fairplay and justice
And salvation and bliss
This is about sacrificing the ego to Allah
No matter how stiff
The rightful heir would have taken you to jannah
But you continued to persist
In your lies and your treachery
Your thievery and your debauchery
I ask you, what did all of this give?
Nothing, I repeat, nothing, except fasaad and fisq
May Allah deal with you justly
Not with His kindness and His mercy
May its gates be shut from you and may you cower and shiver
In front of the lover, the sustainer, the most generous giver
And may she triumph once and for all
When the trumpet comes to call
She will walk into eternity
While heads are bowed in modesty and humility
And she will enter into the abode of salvation and bliss
Finding her will be Ali
He will now have what he missed 

Poem #2

To the Mother of all Mothers, 

Their love.
And their laughter.

Hassan, Hussain and Zainab (S.A.W.S),
The most beautiful of names.

Holding up their infant heads,
As they're sleeping in their beds.

Taught their lips to pray,
Taught them the right way.

Their nurse and their teacher,
And they would be her future.

But the door crashed on their world,
Flashes of the Kisa where they had curled.

No physical protection we could have offered,
Only a promise that will be heard.

Oh, Mother of all mothers,
Mother of the Progeny,
Mother of your Father,
Mother of the Unborn,
Mother of the Awaited.

We will never take for granted,
The seeds that you have planted.

We hold up the door the that came crashing down,
Because of you, we have been found.

For clarity at the bottom it reads : “O well-esteemed with Allah, intercede for us before Allah”

“Muhsin ibn Ali”


*Please note that the painting is intended to symbolize her light that drowns out the darkness and is not a depiction of her physicality.
The Light of Fatima (as):

An energy made from pure light
The spirit of Fatima shines like the moon in the night
Watching over and guiding us on this journey of life
Call on her wisdom and step into her power
She is a piece of heaven sent down to earth like an eternal flower

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