Ark Scholarship for Excellence

Lady of Light Award for 2019-20

The objective of this Award is to support post-secondary students who have excelled in academics and combined this achievement with outstanding contributions to their school and/or community.​

The Scholarship will be given to the participant who will win the contest.

The Award is valued at minimum $1000 to be disbursed toward the winner’s post-secondary tuition.

The Scholarship is open to post-secondary students who is able to express their understanding of one of the essay topics and demonstrate their flair for writing. A third-party committee has been setup to review the submissions and select a winner

Students wanting to enter this contest will need to choose one topic and submit a 1000- 1500 word essay on the chosen topic. The essay should fully express the student’s understanding of the topic. The detailed rules of the contest will be sent to all eligible students pending an application review.

To be sent via email.

To qualify entry, you must meet all the following conditions:

  • Ark member or a relative of an Ark member or Participant in one of our partners Ottawa’s Community Centre​s
  • Ottawa resident
  • Enrolled in Post Secondary Studies.
  • Minimum grade of B is required.

To enter, please fill out the application below and attach proof of post-secondary enrollment. You will then receive an email to confirm your eligibility status with contest instructions.

The deadline to submit your essay is July 15, 2019. Winner announcement will be made in August – September 2019.

Personal Information


Where are you or will you be attending?


To be Eligible for the contest, you need to be one of the following options.
Please mention the name of the ARK's member or the community centre.


In this section you can share any of your academic achievements, contribution to community and/or College or University life. You also briefly share any volunteer experience or If there is something else you think the Scholarship Committee should know about you as an applicant but which is not covered above, please also include in this section.
Upload a proof that you are registered in the university/college.
Upload a proof of your GPA. If you this is your first year in school, a GPA is not needed.