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Great job ARK centre

I would like to share my story with others about the help that I received from the ARK centre of Excellence. I have applied for many jobs across government to move to another position, but with no luck until I received the help from ARK centre. The preparation for the exam was excellent and the amount of information that I received made me pass the exam and the interview for the first time. They are very professional and knowledge when it comes to HR and government policies, Exams/Interviews. This centre is very important because they unify people from different ethnics to a one group of community and they work for the benefits of the Canadians. Thank you and Great job Ark centre.

Yasser Hojeij
June 8, 2021

Great Resume Workshop

I attended the resume workshop a few months before graduating from university. The workshop was very well done . The mentor pointed at weaknesses of my initial resume and then he gave me a number of useful tips and tricks. They tirelessly worked on my resume with me for 2 weeks until we eventually got right. Without ARK centres, I wouldn’t be able to land on a job within a month out of school. I highly recommend the resume workshop for anyone who is interested in improving their resume.

Mahmoud Barzi
November 23, 2020

Great Job Coaching and Career Advice

I received excellent advice and training before my job interview and honestly believe that it was this training that landed me the job. Thank you Ark Centre.

Zainab M
November 23, 2020

Awesome Centre with a great vision!

An unique centre that unites all of the members of the community from different ethnic backgrounds with a full English program provided which was lacking in a lot of the local communities! Many other centres do have English programs, but it is not as rich and isn’t provided as often as this centre. I would highly recommend this centre for any newcomers, especially international students, to help them integrate within the community and to network with others.

Abdallah Douha
September 6, 2020