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Thank you

Dear Dani ,

Thank you for the excellent professional help for those newcomers I have Reffered to you through the years .

Bilal Baalbaki

Bilal Baalbaki
March 16, 2023

Excellent coaching and mentoring that lead to a successful job after first interview

As it is mentioned in other testimonials, it is centre of excellence, title well deserved, I experienced it first hand myself.
Mentoring for a job interview and taking the time going out of their way to achieve my target.

Hoda Saad

Hoda Saad
March 16, 2023

Thank You Ark Center!

Amazing help from Ark center. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Amazing resume and interview workshops. I was able to fully update my CV from various professional staff. As well, attended extra workshops about networking where I had the chance to do a full makeover of my LinkedIn profile which made me receive more attention from employers, and able to network and form a link with potential employers. Thank you to all the staff to help me find my dream career job.

Faisal Jufain
March 16, 2023

Excellent Coaching, Honest Feedback and Practice Lead to Success

I had multiple interview preparation sessions with the Ark Centre members and they were very excellent. They highlighted specific areas to work on and recommended a structure to follow for each style of question, which immensely helped guide my preparation. The team put a lot of thought into providing personalized feedback and I felt that they helped me identify tangible goals to improve my interview performance. I’m glad to say that the Ark Centre’s interview prep helped me receive my acceptance into the professional school I applied to.

Thank you Ark Centre!

Ali Khatib
September 23, 2021

Great job ARK centre

I would like to share my story with others about the help that I received from the ARK centre of Excellence. I have applied for many jobs across government to move to another position, but with no luck until I received the help from ARK centre. The preparation for the exam was excellent and the amount of information that I received made me pass the exam and the interview for the first time. They are very professional and knowledge when it comes to HR and government policies, Exams/Interviews. This centre is very important because they unify people from different ethnics to a one group of community and they work for the benefits of the Canadians. Thank you and Great job Ark centre.

Yasser Hojeij
June 8, 2021

Great Resume Workshop

I attended the resume workshop a few months before graduating from university. The workshop was very well done . The mentor pointed at weaknesses of my initial resume and then he gave me a number of useful tips and tricks. They tirelessly worked on my resume with me for 2 weeks until we eventually got right. Without ARK centres, I wouldn’t be able to land on a job within a month out of school. I highly recommend the resume workshop for anyone who is interested in improving their resume.

Mahmoud Barzi
November 23, 2020

Great Job Coaching and Career Advice

I received excellent advice and training before my job interview and honestly believe that it was this training that landed me the job. Thank you Ark Centre.

Zainab M
November 23, 2020

Awesome Centre with a great vision!

An unique centre that unites all of the members of the community from different ethnic backgrounds with a full English program provided which was lacking in a lot of the local communities! Many other centres do have English programs, but it is not as rich and isn’t provided as often as this centre. I would highly recommend this centre for any newcomers, especially international students, to help them integrate within the community and to network with others.

Abdallah Douha
September 6, 2020