Community Action for Muslim Youth Integration (CAMYI)

Project: Community Action for Muslim Youth Integration 


  • With six partner organizations, the Ark Centre will hold its first-ever pan-Canadian consultation with Muslim communities. This consultation process aims to discuss cross-cutting issues related to Muslim youths that intend to inform a series of research podcasts.
  • Consultation is via Zoom, Sunday November 15, 2020 at 2pm EST.
  • You are invited to listen in on the discussion: please request the Zoom link by sending us an email
  • For more information, please reach out to .


  • The Ark Centre is a not-for-profit organization. In partnership with six other community organization, and financial contribution from Public Safety Canada, it seeks through the Community Action for Muslim Youth Integration initiative (CAMYI) to address the polarized thinking underpinning bigotry, hate, and violence among youth populations, through sharing expert knowledge and lived experience with youth in an interactive setting.
  • This will involve engaging with other community organizations in developing and delivering culturally appropriate programs and services that counter polarized thought.
  • The targeted population consists of key stakeholders across the Muslim community, including community leaders, community centres and individuals with lived experience on the subject.

Overview of Project

  • CAMYI is a project that is funded by both our organizations and the federal government. This project is directed by us though.
  • The program objective is to:
    • Build capacity to address these problems.
    • Empower local communities’ capability to act, promote harmony, and prevent harm
  • The initiative will focus on three main areas:
  • Research into key themes that affect Muslims in Canada.
  • Program design that promote successful models and initiatives, promote and prevent
  • Program implementation that ensure successful program outcomes and results

Activities of the project

  • Multiple activities will be conducted to achieve the objectives. A key approach is to conduct youth-focused interactive sessions such as:
    • Hosting subject matter experts to share knowledge.
    • Seeing first-hand lived experiences.
    • Panel-type sessions that present wide views.
    • Focused Workshops to master the skills needed to build our organizations’ capacity


ORGS steering this work 

  • Arab Canada Newspaper
  • Canadian Ark Centre of Excellence
  • Canadian Palestinian Cultural Forum
  • Imam Ali Masjid of Ottawa
  • International Organization Defending Victims of Terrorism
  • Iraq Canada Business Council
  • Nuwa Arts and Cultural Production